About Us

Welcome to Bowl-n-Spoon, Oklahoma’s First Cereal Café. When you enter our café, it’s like stepping back in time to lazy Saturday mornings on the comfy couch in your living room, watching cartoons and eating a bowl of your favorite cereal.

Bowl-n-Spoon is Saturday morning – only better. We have 30 different cereals and 20 toppings to choose from so you can create the perfect bowl of cereal. Or fill your bowl with one of our customized cereal cocktails like our sweet and fruity Hello Kitty, our chocolaty S’More the Merrier or our healthy Peace, Love & Strawberries. We also offer a selection of customized cereal trail mixes to go, as well as curb-side service, if you aren’t in the mood to dine-in.

In addition to cereal, we offer a Ronnoco Coffee bar, waffles, pop tarts, cookies – even toasted panini sandwiches if you’re feeling more like lunch than breakfast!

You’re surrounded by nostalgic cereal memorabilia and cartoons on our televisions throughout the day, to complete your Saturday morning experience.

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