Pop-Tarts, Panini’s & More!

Bowl-n-Spoon is more than just scrumptious cereals and tantalizing toppings. We also offer malted Belgian waffles, bagels and pop-tarts. For a fun breakfast treat, try our sweet and savory bacon bundles baked with brown sugar and maple syrup. Wow! Or enjoy one of our delicious smoothie bowls made with fresh yogurt and fruit.

For lunch, we have a variety of panini sandwiches served with chips or fruit. And for dessert, we have killer fresh-baked cookies and a little concoction we call a Pop-Tart Stack – three pop-tarts, toasted and topped with a topping of your choice. Yum!

And because we know you’re a grown up – occasionally – we have a fancy coffee bar featuring Ronnoco coffee and tea. Ronnoco Coffees are made from 100% Arabica beans – the best coffee beans on the planet – and until recently they were Henderson Coffee in Muskogee.

There’s more than meets the spoon around here!