Why Cereal

Growing up, Saturday mornings were the best! As a kid, we’d watch one cartoon after another and eat a bowl – or two – of our favorite cereal. The weekend stretched out ahead of us, filled with hope, possibility – and fun!

At Bowl-n-Spoon, we hope to recreate that Saturday morning feeling – a time when life didn’t move so fast and our days weren’t filled with so many decisions and distractions. When you sit down at one of our tables and enjoy your favorite cereal with your kids, you can tell them how awesome cartoons were when you were growing up. Or you and your friends can share childhood memories over a bowl of cereal (and a bit of nostalgia). It’s also a chance to make new memories with friends and family.

And maybe, just maybe, you’ll find time standing still – or just slowing down. You’ll reconnect. You’ll have a chance to listen and be present. And, of course, you’ll have fun! Who knew a simple bowl of cereal could do so much?